Our team of experienced lawyers can help you to provide guidance in the U- Visa application procedures. If you are an immigrant who is a victim of a crime that occurred in a U.S. territory, or violated U.S. law, you may be able to get a U- Visa. A U- Visa grants an immigrant temporary legal status and the ability to work in the U.S. for up to four years. Unlike other Visa's, once you have your U-Visa you are automatically granted the ability to work.

Requirements and Application Process of a U-Visa

There are only 10,000 U-Visas granted each year. An applicant must be able to prove he or she has suffered from substantial physical or mental abuse due to criminal activity that occurred in the United States. The list of categories includes but does not limit to:

  • Rape, torture, trafficking, incest
  • Domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual contact
  • Prostitution, hostage situation, manslaughter
  • Murder, witness tamper, black mail

All petitions must include information on how the victim can father assist the government official in learning more about the crime, including investigation or prosecution of the individuals that committed the crime. In other words, the victim must prove that they will be willing to work with local law enforcement.


If you have suffered substantial physical or mental abuse to due a crime in the U.S., you may be entitled to a U-Visa. The application process can be long and demanding, which is why it is vital to contact our experience team at the Littman Law Firm. We help clients across the globe through the application process. Call us today at 303-322-2222 for efficient representation and guidance.

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