H1B Professional Visa

The department of state authorizes you to travel in and out of the country, by issuing you a visa. If you are given a H1B visa, you had to receive an approval from the immigration service in the United States. A H1B visa is primarily a status that is issued to an individual with a professional level background. In order to receive approval to a H1B visa the following requirements must be met:

  • Professional background
  • Particular field of study
  • Pursue a job that matches with the area of study that requires a college level education
  • Common misconception: you do not have to have a college degree, some people meet this requirement through having enough work experience that is considered the equivalent to a college degree

When a person obtains their H1B Visa, it is the stepping-stone to convert to permanent residency. If you are working in the United States at a job that requires a college level degree, and have a professional level background you could receive your H1B Professional Visa. For any questions about your personal situation, or need help determining if you are applicable for a H1B Visa, contact an attorney from Litman Law Firm, PC. We are experienced immigration lawyers that have experience with complex immigration cases, and can help you through yours. Call us today at 303-322-2222 to set up your reduced-rate initial consultation.

When Can You Apply For Your H1B Visa?

There are many myths that people fall into believing when considering a H1B Visa. It is important to fully understand the reality of the visa, before applying for one. The smartest and safest thing to do is sit down with an immigration attorney before you start your process. A common myth that is worth correcting is when people are able to apply for their H1B Visa.

Myth: H1B Visas are available anything during the year

The application process for each visa is limited to April 1 based upon the school year, and is open October 1, for employment filament purposes. The filing period closes as soon as the USCIS receives sufficient petitions that have met the 65,000 H1B Visa cap. Once the cap for the year has been reached, the filing period will be closed. However, there are acceptations to the filing period. For example if you transfer employers you might be able to still apply for a H1B visa anytime in the year.


If you have questions and want to learn more about H1B Visa to, contact an attorney today. The lawyers at Litman Law Firm, PC will sit down with you and look over your personal situation. We will provide a personal approach, and help you figure out if you are able to get your H1B Visa. We also can work with you to get your H1B Visa even if it is outside the normal application times. Contact us today at 303-322-2222 to set up your reduced-rate initial consultation. During the consultation we will start providing any guidance needed to get your H1B Visa application on its way.

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