Fighting Immigration Delays

Colorado Immigration Lawyers Help Fight Immigration Delays

Are you frustrated waiting on your immigration application? If your immigration case is stuck or still pending it is important to take action. If you continue to sit and wait for the process to continue, you will find it to be a never-ending process. It is important to seek out the help of a professional attorney if you are stuck waiting.

Delays occur all the time, however most of the problems strike because an applicant did not provide all the information required. Some applicants are denied or delayed if they provide false information. Providing false information has serious consequences:

  • Declined application
  • May become liable for deportation
  • Lose any rights to appeal
  • Face prosecution
  • Card/ Document Production

When all said and done, the process is rewarding. In order for a person to receive citizenship and their green card, they must go through many steps. First off, the USCIS reviews the applications and petitions that are properly filed. If there are no issues, or delays the USCIS issues a receipt number for the application and sends a receipt notice. If they are not properly filed, they will be rejected. You will receive an explanation of why the application is rejected and what corrections are needed. The acceptance step is normally complete within 2 business days. If you do not get a receipt or rejection notice in the mail within 30 days, your application could be lost or stuck in the system. Other steps include:

  • Initial Review
  • Request For Evidence (when application is missing information)
  • Testing and Interview
  • Decision (approved/denied)
  • Post Decision Activities
  • Oath Ceremony
  • Card and Document Production

At Litman Law Firm, we understand issues and malfunctions occur. With this being said, we also understand it is possible that your immigration application could be stuck in the system. This is problematic because the delay can have a huge impact on your life. To put an end to any delays or issues that you may be facing, contact our team of experienced lawyers at Litman Law Firm, PC at 303-322-2222.

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