Deferred Action

What is Deferred Action?

You might have heard it in the news, or seen in in the papers, but do you really know what deferred action implicates? The deferred action program could legalize 1.8 million young immigrants. The young illegal immigrants could qualify for temporary legal status under Obama's deferred action program. Initially, only young illegal immigrants under 30 who entered the country as children, graduated from high school, and had no criminal record would be able to quality for temporary citizenship. Now, young people who did not graduate high school can apply for the legal status as long as they re-enroll in high school by the time they apply.

A deferred action is a kind of administrative relief from deportation that has been around for a long time. "Administrative" relief is granted by the DHS, without the person necessarily having to go to immigration court. The DHS authorizes a non-U.S. citizen to temporarily remain in the U.S.

Deferred Action Application Process

The government is accepting applications as of August 15, 2012. You can submit your request for deferred action to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) online. There is also another form required for an employment authorization document.


You will need to gather documents such as:

  • Financial records: lease agreements, phone bills, credit card bills, medical records
  • School records: diplomas, GED certificates, report cards, school transcripts
  • Employment records
  • Military records
  • If you have been arrested, you should obtain a copy of your criminal history from the state or the Federal Bureau of Investigation


Deferred action is only a temporary fix. If you any questions about deferred action requirements, it is important to contact a dependable attorney. It is vital that you know as much information as possible before you apply for deferred action, especially if you have ever been arrested or convicted of any crime. USCIS will not tolerate fraud, so make sure your deferred action request is accurate and complete before you submit it. To take all the precautions you can, it is never a bad idea to consult legal assistance. Our team of experienced lawyers at Litman Law Firm can help make sure your application is complete, and accurate. Call us today at 303-322-2222 to get started on your deferred action application process.

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