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At Litman Law Firm, PC, we understand that competition for qualified workers with specialized skills necessitates looking beyond the borders of the United States. Our lawyers have the sophisticated knowledge of work visas and all aspects of immigration law to assist Colorado businesses in gaining legal entry for their prospects. We also help clients gain legitimate immigrant status for workers found to be in the U.S. illegally.

Based in Denver, Colorado, we represent corporate clients and small businesses statewide. We can help you navigate through the complex, time-consuming, and document-intensive procedures of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services bureaucracy. Contact us online to describe your needs or call our experienced business immigration attorneys at 303-322-2222.


Founded in 2001, our established firm handles all processing and consular issues relating to immigrant and non-immigrant visas for foreign workers. Our lawyers and staff speak Spanish, and we have arranged immigration for workers from every continent.


  • H-1B visas for specialized workers with a bachelor's degree or equivalent
  • Intra-company transfer visas (L-1A, L1-B) for executives, managers and specialized-knowledge employees
  • TN visas (NAFTA) for Mexican or Canadian citizens with specialty skills
  • Treaty visas for workers from Australia, Chile or Singapore


We assist Colorado corporations in obtaining employment-based permanent resident cards (green cards), including adjustment of status to an immigrant visa. Our firm is fully automated for the electronic PERM process to expedite processing and bring employees to the U.S. in the shortest time frame.


Litman Law Firm, PC obtains E visas for foreign investors seeking to open a business in America (E-2 Visa) or enter the U.S. to engage in substantial trade (E-1 visa). In addition, many business owners in foreign countries may wish to open a subsidiary in the United States (L Visa) while others invest $1 Million.


Under the now-expired LIFE Act, the government allowed undocumented workers to pay a fine and receive a green card through their employer. Litman Law Firm, PC is poised to help employers gain legal status for illegal workers if Congress re-authorizes the 245(i) Legal Immigration and Family Equity Act, or enacts a similar, large-scale amnesty program to address the estimated 12 million people in America without valid visas.


Our practice serves employers in all industries and all aspects of immigration, including visas for employees' family members. Call us for efficient, knowledgeable representation at 303-322-2222.

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