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A serious car accident can lead to severe injuries, those that result in substantial medical expenses. Surgeries, treatments, rehabilitation, medicines and long-term care costs can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars. The pressure from hospitals, billing agencies and care providers to recover these costs can be intense.

At the Litman Law Firm, PC in Denver, Colorado, we help you take on the numerous and immense challenges following a serious injury- related car accident. Even in a relatively low speed collision, catastrophic harm can result to both drivers and passengers. We help you work toward temporary and permanent solutions for handling medical expenses whether you have medical insurance or not. even while we negotiate or litigate for compensation from your insurance.


A catastrophic auto injury or commercial truck accident can leave you or a loved one in serious need of immediate and lasting medical attention. Even as you are working with insurance companies for compensation, you may be facing large and unmanageable deductibles.

The reality is that many hospitals and medical providers don't want to negotiate, don't want to settle for less and don't want to work with people in need. As your lawyer, we work with all aspects of your personal injury case, and we can help you negotiate a solution.

Our office help personal injury clients deal with a range of medical bills, including those for:

  • Surgery
  • Hospital stays
  • Rehabilitation / physical therapy
  • Long-term care
  • Medication
  • Extended care
  • Final expenses

Our attorney can help you deal with an insurance company that won't pay - helping you find ways to stop collection actions from proceeding against you before a settlement is done. We work to provide the attention and service you need to handle all aspects of your case.


When you have suffered a personal injury in a motor vehicle accident, and you need representation to help you handle all the issues associated with your case, from personal injury litigation to negotiating with hospitals over medical bills, you can rely on the Litman Law Firm. Call us locally in the Denver area at 303-322-2222, toll free at 800-331-4324 or reach us online to schedule a free initial consultation.

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